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Here you can see some of the classic vans and lorries that have been used by Countrystyle over the years!

In the 1960s and 1970s, we operated vans under the name Mr Crusty. They had a fetching yellow livery and bore the distinctive Mr Crusty logo! Here you can see a Bedford van from that period.
Also from that period, here is a classic Mini Clubman van in Mr Crusty colours too!
In the 1980s and 1990s we used VW Transporter and LT vans. Here you can see a VW Transporter van in white and blue Christine's livery.
Nowadays, we use temperature controlled articulated vehicles to transport our products nationwide and across Europe.

Wood's New Process Flour.

Advert for Woods Harvest Queen Flour in the Yorkshire Post, October 1983.

Harvest Queen self raising flour.

Horse and wagon goods yard.

Wreaks Mill, pictured with Woods employees and three horse-drawn carts heavily laden with flour, awaiting departure - circa 1904.

Woods pioneered importing wheats from Canada and Australia; eighteen stone (114kg) NER grain sacks have been loaded onto this cart.

Woods had the first steam wagons in West Yorkshire - this photograph of a Woods steam wagon and employees was taken circa 1920.

This invoice from the 1800s is from Pateley Bridge Corn Mill.

This old corn mill and drying kiln, because of its low lying position, it was flooded every time there was a storm - 4 times between July 5th and September 5th 1881.

It was run in the 1880s by TP and R Ingleby. In 1883 they introduced roller milling, which gave a purer, finer & whiter flour than older methods.

For a time it was taken by Geo Wood of Birstwith and in its later years by Stockdales of Scarah.



Knaresborough Market, where Woods bakery products were first sold.
This postcard, entitled Knaresborough Market in the Early Twentieth Century, is a painting from 1907. It shows the original site of "Christine's Bakery" before the Wood family ran a shop there. The painting shows that in 1907 it was a branch of Leeds Dining Rooms, and in the background there is a branch of Yorkshire Penny Bank.

The site of Country Style Foods Prospect Works Factory on Upper Accomodation Road in Leeds (circa 1970) before the factory was constructed.

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